I question my work. Often.


I’m 28.

I work for a non-profit that sends missionaries overseas.

I travel abroad to visit those missionaries in those countries about every other month.


I’m unmarried, making enough money to make ends meet.

I’m not investing in my savings account.

I buy clothes when my other ones have holes in them.

And I drive a used car.


Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?

Because I don’t live a normal life.


I hate to admit it, but I’m the kind of person who cares what other people think of me.

I consider how much I’m not living by society’s standard of success.

And, I look at my life and wonder if I’ve made good choices.



Last week, I ate lunch with the CEO of our non-profit.

We reflected on 2016’s impact on our lives.


And, as I was stringing together how challenging work was last year, our CEO began sharing why he does what he does for our organization.


Why he fundraises money to work at his own organization.

Why he works with 100 20-somethings who send out thousands of missionaries in over 60 countries.

Why he consistently innovates and pushes the boundaries of what he thinks God has for us this side of heaven.


His answer to me was something close to what he said in this Year End Review video for our organization.

If you can, I’d love for you to watch all 2 minutes of it and see why exactly we do what we do.

Adventures Year End Review


Happy New Year,


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3 thoughts on “Work

  1. sethbarnes says:

    That was a good lunch.

    I think you’re doing great, Ashley.

    Never forget your audience. You sing the song of your life for an audience of one.

    The plumb line for me is the process in Luke 4-10. Matt. 10 is the final exam.


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. alysseay says:

    Love this and love you:)

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